Chiwayland Jinshan Xuzhou project signed

Recently, Zhongfang Construction undertook Zhongrui Real Estate Shanghai Jinshan and Jiangsu Xuzhou two large scale commercial building design projects, and signed Zhongrui Real Estate Jinshan Longwan Huating third phase commercial project planning and architectural design, and Xuzhou New Town International Science and Education Industrial Park plot planning and architectural design, with a total construction area of nearly 300,000 square meters.

Ding Mingyuan, chairman of Vanke attended Vanke Sping Party

Recently, Shanghai Vanke held Spring Party for regional partners, Ding Mingyuan, the chairman of Zhongfang Construction was invited to attend. Zhongfang Construction has always been adhering to the design concept principle, with in-depth cooperation with Vanke, in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xuzhou, created high quality architectural works such as Vanke Gongwang, Junxi Villa, Suiyuan Jiashu etc.

Suiyuan Jiashu Senior Apartment to be completed

Designed by Zhongfang Construction and Design, Suiyuan Jiashu Senior Apartment developed by Hangzhou Vanke will complete and open soon. Located in Hangzhuo Liangzhu Cultural Village, the project is Vanke´s first centralized senior apartment project nationwide, and also the thinking and practice of Zhongfang and Vanke on high-end pension programs, focusing on more sophisticated and human quality pursuit than ordinary residence to build a unique pension residential service system.

2014 Zhongfang Construction annual conference countdown

2014 Zhongfang Construction annual conference countdown has entered the last week countdown stage, the theme of the annual meeting is "Yesterday", and all departments are speeding up the rehearsal, surface, micro-mono-camera and other prizes are already in place. Brilliant shows and huge prizes, January 24 is coming soon, to be continued ......

Shanxi New Jinzhong Capital project signed

Recently, Zhongfang Construction signed “hanxi New Jinzhong Capital” project whole process architectural design contract with Shanxi Lantian Real Estate Co., Ltd., to provide design services in the pre-project planning, master planning, architectural design and other aspects. The project is located in Shanxi Jinzhong, and is a large-scale community including residential, commercial and public buildings with a total construction area of about 400,000 square meters.

Lingang New City marine theme conceptual commercial circle design

Entrusted by Shanghai Nanhui New Town Development and Construction Company, Zhongfang Construction participated in the international collection of Lingang New City marine theme conceptual commercial circle designs. The core design concept is to create a "sea star city", to build a marine-themed urban commercial and cultural complex in the form of giant structure. From space shaping, commercial formality layout, architectural vocabulary expression, architectural details treatment and other aspects, the marine culture topics were reflected.

Sanya Danzhou International Design Competition won the international competition expert review first prize

Zhongfang Construction participated in the international competition of Sanya City Danzhou reconstruction project, the conceptual design was based on the general requirements of modern ecological lakeside metropolis, drawing inspiration from the natural landscape, extracting essence from traditional residence, highlighting the ecological, cultural, harmonious, delicate urban features. The plan was assessed by experts and ranked first in the comprehensive score in terms of technology, economic rationality and executable degree etc.

Zhongkai Top of City won Kinpan Award for the Apartment of the Year

On December 12, the 8th Kinpan Award by "Times House" had the national finals, the Zhongkai Top of City designed by Zhongfang Construction and Design won the apartment of the year. Over the years a number of projects of Zhongfang Construction have won the Kinpan Award, including the villa of the year Jiangnan Run Park, the comprehensive property of the year New Pujiang Town, affordable housing of the year Salim Plot No. 6 and other projects.